"Conceptual Misdirections - A Discussion Between Modern Day Mind Benders"
by Dan Cain
Contributions by Charlie Joseph, Donna Messina         PDF................................................................... $6.00
A Magician, a Medium, and a Mentalist. Who would have thought all three could sit down and have a constructive conversation? Well, Mentalist Dan Cain did and this is word-for-word the conversation they had.
For some time now Magi and Mediums have been at odds with one another. Magician turned psychic entertainer Mark Edward is quoted as reported by Reporter Eric Noll, "The psychic business is built on lies. There is no supernatural power. You can't see the future. We're in the golden age of the con. There are people coming out of the woodwork that would love to separate you from your money. But people just want someone to talk to. That's the bottom line." ("Psychic Hot Line Secrets: Clairvoyance or Hoax?". ABC Good Morning America. May, 9 2010. Retrieved 2010-08-19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Edward). Notwithstanding, is it possible there are those that can actually divine things from afar? Can genuine psychic ability be discerned from con-artists claiming psychic power?
You will find the conversation between these three Modern Day Mind Benders will travel from professional opinions of one another to religious and spiritual perspectives.
If you ever wanted to be a "fly on the wall" during a one of a kind conversation - now is your chance.

"Get Paid To Perform! A Performer's Reference Guide to Getting Booked"
by Dan CainPDF............................................................$15.95
Are you frustrated from not landing those gigs? Do you want to know the secret scripts that can get you those paying shows? Whether you are a novice or professional this book can help you get to the decision maker of virtually any establishment and give you the knowledge to confidently get those gigs! This book will teach you the techniques used by The Mentalist Dan Cain to get into fine dining establishments and corporate venues. He will explain with psychology and scripts - never before published until now - how you can get in those venues too!
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"Dan this is exactly what the community needs. Thanks for making this. This book is a must read for anyone remotely serious about making money performing. This guide is well written and literary has a complete approach to becoming a professional full-time paid performer. You can use the techniques described in this book to start getting paid gigs right away. This book has not only a guided approach to making yourself into a paid professional, it has practical advice for different situations, face to face meetings or over the phone this book has it covered. Dan Cain also makes some home truths that we all need to hear. With advice about business cards, phone conversations, contracts and much more, you really will have everything you need. Dan says there are no magic “effects” taught in this book and while that is true in the strict sense I would argue that being able to land paid gigs seems like magic to me. I was reading this book while having a coffee in a restaurant, I tried out one of the techniques described in the book and I landed a gig for the following week in under 10 minutes. Powerful stuff."
-Mr. Edward Mann, Coordinator for FullCircleMagic.com

"Okay... I bought this book. There's a lot of hype about it. There's no effects in this book. If you're looking for the latest finger flinging- go elsewhere. BUT... IF you treat your magic as a business (and why wouldn't you?) then it will probably be the best money you invested to date. I have to say it is not for everyone because it will require you to do 'some' selling, but it is a 'soft' sell. By that I mean it is a win-win situation for your client- (I don't want to give away the key to the book). But the REAL KEY is that you MUST have a good product/show. Without that you're fishing on the end of the pier with no pole, no bait and no fish in sight. Dan has given us a system (don't miss that word), which is a win-win for the client and you. It may not work for every client (it is client specific) but IT WILL WORK. I say this because it depends on the venue/nature of the client's client. Again I can't give away what Dan does in his book. I have to say I have spent hundreds of dollars learning marketing (I'm a putz at marketing) and Dan cuts through the garbage and gets to the meat here. Employ this in THIS SPECIFIC market and it will work. Not gilding the lily here- it's true. Magic is a business and performing is your product. This system has the script, everything."
-Christopher Faria, Colorado Springs, CO USA  http://www.magiclaffs.com/Hypno-Comedy.html
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Re-Program to De-Stress

by Dan Cain PDF...........................................$14.95

There are different approaches to reducing stress in one's life using self-hypnosis depending on the subject performing it and on the condition it is needed for. The techniques offered and the suggestions made within the pages of this book are sure to help the reader develop a better approach to creating a calm from within in order to create a more tranquil tomorrow beginning with oneself. 
"How I Predicted Super Bowl XLVI
An AMAZING prediction and marketing strategy for novices and professionals"
by Dan CainPDF......................................................$24.95

Are you just starting out in the wonderful world of magic and mentalism? Or are you a seasoned professional and feel like you are in some sort of a rut with how things are going in your career? 

Whether you are a novice or professional this book can help you get that boost you need in your entertainment career. 

This book will teach you the techniques used by Mentalist Dan Cain to gain notoriety in newspapers, television, radio and just about any other media outlet. 

This is a FULL mentalism routine, a PROVEN marketing strategy and a GOLDEN opportunity for you to take your career to a higher level. 

He will explain, in detail, how he predicted newspaper headlines as well as the coveted secret of how he predicted Super Bowl 46.

"I enjoyed reading all the different aspects of your Superbowl prediction. Anyone contemplating doing a stunt like this would learn a lot from your book." 
-Richard Osterlind

"Dan Cain's How I Predicted the Super Bowl really is a great piece of work. Not only does Dan explain how the prediction was made (the 'trick' element if you like), but he takes time to explain how to gain a ton of free publicity from the prediction. Mentalists have historically used headline predictions to promote themselves and shows they are performing. Dan takes this idea to the next level by explaining how to involve local businesses, venues, newspapers and radio stations, and how to give the actual day of the prediction reveal a party atmosphere! I loved reading Dan's book, and was grateful to be given an insight into the mind of someone who is clearly passionate about mentalism. This is a great piece of work, and should be read by anyone with an interest in magic and mentalism, whether a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the business." 
-Paul Voodini